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Dear World,

People and things have annoyed me today.  I need for you to know about these things.

To whatever creating-force made my bladder the size of a pea.  If it weren’t for that?  I’d have slept right through 9AM this morning.  That was a half hour of sleep that I can never get back.

I’m still annoyed by the new Facebook layout.  I can’t stand the ticker.

Steve Jobs.

And this really gets into the daily grind thing, all you Honda Accord owners?  Take a freakin’ pill.  Since THREE of you decided, TODAY, to cut me off and then slam on your brakes like there is some grand Honda Accord Owner conspiracy against me in particular or white BMW’s in general, I’m just going to need for you to stay off of the road.

Fuck cancer.

Green bean chips.  Not really annoyed by them, other than the fact that they’re like crack.

I had high hopes for Whitney.  It’s not living up to them.

Happy Notes:
The Kidlet
Trips to Earth Fare that end with free bacon
Even the dogs have made me smile today
Taye Diggs butt shots on Private Practice

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September 09th, 2011 | Author:

Except it’s 5AM, I’m not drunk, (or all alone) and I just need sleep now.

New meds = initial insomnia.  And I have to work tomorrow.  Yay.

How about some random insomniac ramblings? Okay? Okay.

  • My hair is falling out.  In clumps.  Doc has run a bunch of bloodwork, haven’t heard back yet, but he suspects it’s stress-related.  If so, it’s reversible.  Which is good.
  • My animals love me.  So much so that they have to sleep pretty much ON me, which makes it difficult for me to get a good night’s sleep.  I have to change this pattern.  Somehow.
  • Dear BlogHer:  You sent me a check a few months ago.  My husband dropped it in the toilet.  So when your accounting department is all verklempt about my $50 check not being cashed, you can refer them back to this post.  (Yes, I know checks can be reissued, but I just can’t bring myself to make that call.)
  • TheKidlet’s bus driver – for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW – is starting off the school year proving that she should not be a bus driver.  She has no aptitude for controlling, or even dealing nicely with, groups of children.
    • The first year, she:
      • had a keychain with profanity on it
      • used her brakes as a method of discipline (children talking, forcibly applied brakes, children flying into the seat in front of them, children stunned into silence)
        • Yes, I had a little girl fit over this one
      • yelled at the children, repeatedly
      • would not let them talk on the bus for an entire week (until complaints were made and she was forced to)
      • threatened the kids with written homework if they talked while “silent bus” was invoked
    • All of that up there? Within the first SIX days of school.
    • Year 2 was just silent bus and yelling at the kids.
    • This year, the bus has come 25 minutes earlier than the posted arrival time, every single morning.
      • There are a whopping THREE bus stops in my neighborhood that this bus has to pick up.  All within a block of each other.
      • They added a daycare to the route – our neighborhood kids are picked up FIRST and dropped off LAST.
      • This keeps them on the bus for 30 mins.
        • Each way.
      • Her school is exactly 2 miles from her bus stop.
        • TWO MILES.
      • She gets home 45 minutes after school lets out.
        • TWO MILES.
      • I take her to school in the mornings because spending 45 minutes on a bus first thing in the morning is absurd.  When I can drive there in four minutes, with dropoff complete in 7 minutes?  But I am out of town a lot, and can’t always be there to pick her up from school.  So sometimes she has to ride the bus in the mornings, and almost always rides it home.
      • Oh, there has been no notification sent home to the parents about the “new” arrival time of the bus.  I have inundated the assistant principal about the school district’s (read: her) complete failure in the communication department.  I have included, in each email, the question of why they are picked up first and dropped off last, as in why are the daycare kids getting preferential treatment at the expense of my neighbhorhood’s children?  I’ve yet to get a response to that question, although she is baffled why the wrong bus times were sent home from open house.
        • I am 99% certain that the answer has to do with money and that my kid’s school sold her out.
        • I am 100% certain that they don’t want to admit that to me and they don’t even know how ballistic I will go.
    • Whew!  I’m tired from typing all of that.
      • But not sleepy.
  • DaHubby is snoring.  I kind of want to strangle him.
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June 26th, 2011 | Author:

I have to get this out, somewhere, and I need to do it somewhere that the people in question will most likely never see it, so forgive me if it’s rambling and makes no sense.

Some of you know that I have a group of cyber-peeps, women that I’ve been posting with since we were pregnant with our (now) 10 year olds.  There are still about 35 active and 20 semi-active members from the original group.  We’ve been through some shit together in the past 11 years.  We’ve had multiple IRL gatherings.  My bestie came out of this group – when we were deciding where to live when DH retired, I only considered cities where someone from this group lived.

And now, one of our moms has learned, like days ago, that her husband has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Stage 4.

Y’all know that pancreatic cancer is not curable.  It’s spread to his lungs and liver, and he’s been given less than a year to live.

This couple has been together for ~15 years, and I swear to you, they STILL act like newlyweds.  They look at each other with such undisguised delight when the other enters the room, and they rely on each other for unconditional emotional support.  They have 3 kids together (ages 8, 10, 13), he has one from a previous relationship (19).  He’s a high school gym coach, she’s a librarian.  He’s a teacher.  I don’t know how that works … I don’t think he has ‘tenure’ or if they even do that in his state’s school system, so I don’t know what his status is.

I have totally been battling tears for almost two weeks now, since the initial diagnosis, and since she posted the official diagnosis Friday, I have been a blubbering mess.

All he wants to do is take his kids to Disney World before he gets too sick.

Less than a year to live.

Holy shit, I cannot even imagine.  I just can’t.  I can’t imagine being him, and I can’t fathom being her.  Losing the rock in my life, losing the father of my children.  Having to tell my kids that their father will soon get very, very sick, and then will die.


See how disjointed this post is?  That’s been my thought process since I heard the news.

I put out the word to my fellow mommies, and so far we have pulled together about $2300 to help send them to Disney.  It’s not enough to cover the trip.  And while I know that we have done a remarkable job gathering funds, I feel totally guilty for pulling together enough to cover the trip for them.  I know that’s not a reasonable emotion but I can’t seem to stop it.

I really can’t come up with a good way to close this post, so I’ll just …. close.  And go hug the people in my life.

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May 12th, 2011 | Author:

1. I love my iPad.
2. A week from today, I am going in for a couple of procedures. Adiana and Novasure). When I exit the surgical center, the baby factory will officially be closed. While I do not want to ever be pregnant again, and never ever give birth again, I admit to a bit of sadness. It’s an era in my life that is over.
3. I have lost 20 pounds since February 1. I have lost the same three pounds repeatedly over the last six weeks. I think it’s time to change things up.

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May 11th, 2011 | Author:


Yep. Heading to NOLA again. And apparently so is a bunch of water.

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