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September 26th, 2009 | Author:

I got my notice from BlogHerAds that I haven’t posted in two weeks. It didn’t seem possible, but …. yeah. I’m in a …. rut, a funk, a …. something. Pretty introspective. I’ve started a thousand blog posts in my head, even had one that I just knew would ROCK, and if you can figure out what the subject was, let me know. I’ve clean forgotten. It was profound…. I wish I could remember.

I usually get this way when there’s a big change coming and I need to internally adjust before it comes, but I can’t fathom what it is that might be coming …. nothing planned, that’s for sure, and if it’s not planned then I don’t know about it, how can I be adjusting? It’s kind of bizarre.

TheKidlet is in school, doing well, making friends. She’s also back in soccer. DaHubby is working, and in school. I am working, busier than ever, and in school. The freakin’ DOG is in school. The cats are the only beings in the house who aren’t in school.

Excuses and whining. I tell TheKidlet not to do that, so I am going to stop.


TheKidlet and a friend are playing Rock Band. Singing “Eye of the Tiger”. AGAIN. I HATE THAT FREAKIN SONG. Umm but TheKidlet is playing both guitar AND singing. And doing pretty well at it. Wow.

Girl she’s playing with has NO RHYTHM at all.  None.


When I moved to Charlotte, I knew one person – someone I’d met twice IRL, but had known through pregnancy and childbirth and the first years of TheKidlets life online.  Before we even got here, C was generous enough to help scope out rental houses for me even when it meant totally re-arranging her day to make it happen.  Once we got here, we settled into a routine and she even introduced me to all of her friends.

Those friends – the ones I can now call my own as well – made the transition from military to civilian, from ME to NC, from having a group of friends to knowing almost no one easier than I could have possibly imagined and last week was a shining example of this.  One of our friends, K, had a really bad day.  You know the type, the type where you just sit down and cry because nothing else is possible.

I get off work at 1 PM on Fridays, it’s just a rockin’ way to end the week.  At quitting time, I got a call from C letting me know that K had a bad day and needed some girl-bonding time and we should come over after dinner for game night.  I countered with “I’m off work.  Grab J and the kids and come on over and we’ll drink up and order pizza later, and then play games when the boys get here.”  Enthusiasm ensued on both C and K’s part, and soon we had a girl-bonding party over wine at 3 in the afternoon.  There’s nothin’ better.

Except for knowing that you are part of a group of friends that is awesome enough to make a call, say one of us is having a bad day, and within an hour have a houseful of women, kids, and booze.  The night went on into the wee hours but there was no repeat of Labor Day (at least for me!! LOL!) and even the boys had a good time.

More later, peeps.  I promise to pull myself up out of this rut and post more again.

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April 20th, 2008 | Author:

I’ve been playing with Firefox extensions lately, just to see what’s out there. Notice that I’m updating my blog more frequently? ScribeFire is the name of the extension that is making that easier. That and Clipmarks. Woweee – that is the coolest thing EVER. A new, I-took-a-chance-cause-there-was-only-1-review extension that I’m really liking is the Text Complete. With all of the things I type over and over again, especially at work, this thing has become my favorite tool. Now instead of typing complete sentences over and over, or copy/paste from a notepad file over and over, I type 3 letters, hit CTRL+ALT+M and it automagically appears.

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August 13th, 2006 | Author:

and I finally have my file server set up. The box is built, Linux is loaded and working and pretty, the files are loaded from the backup DVD’s, and I am able to access the files from my laptop. I even figured out how to remote into the Linux box from my laptop, which I am particularly proud of since I haven’t really used Linux before.


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July 30th, 2006 | Author:

It’s a sunny summer Sunday, and I’m bored. I seem to be bored a lot lately. This time, though, it’s a forced boredom. I bought a new box to use as a file server, so that those ever-increasingly frequent re-formats of my machines are made that much easier – if I don’t have to back up the data I create, then all I have to do is wipe the box, reinstall Windows, and reinstall my programs. more…