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September 09th, 2006 | Author:

These are the two things on my mind today.

The paint, because we put up the first coat of paint in C’s room today, and I have it all in my hair 🙁 I worry that it won’t be out by Monday. I’m speechless that it took a whole gallon and we have to do another coat. Plaster walls must soak up paint something serious, despite what is likely 20 layers of wallpaper over that plaster. (We made the mistake of taking down the wallpaper in my walk-in closet, as an experiment. It took six weeks to finish that weekend project so we opted to just paint over what was there in the rest of the house.) But she will have the Princess room that she has always wanted when we’re done tomorrow.

And that brings me to accountability.

I am home painting, instead of working as scheduled, due to a whole series of unfortunate events brought about by incompetence and complacency. And yet, for those unfortunate events, which put my company’s project in serious jeopardy, it is likely that there will be no repercussions for those who put on this stunning display of complacency and incompetence. Because it seems, historically, there is no accountability for those working in the department where these people work.

At least J is home for two weeks. And C is loving Kindergarten and it feels very much like she’s growing up.

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