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In one hour and two minutes (roughly), it will be exactly two weeks since I last walked outside to have a smoke. At least two weeks since I had that first drag off of a cigarette and felt it all the way to my toes, it seemed. OK, and two weeks since I froze my ass off out there smoking. And two weeks since I woke up with smoker’s hack, or started coughing mid-day for no apparent reason. In many ways, I miss smoking, and at some times I have to fight the psychological craving so hard that I’m ready to eat furniture. But those times are becoming more and more less frequent, and I’m dealing with them better than I was before (dum-dums anyone?). Of course, now I’m scared of what will happen when I stop taking the pills (Chantix) but I have nine weeks left to figure that out. 😉 Tomorrow’s another day to worry about that, to paraphrase another southern belle.

Yesterday I started in my new position(officially), got my review for last year, and got a raise, all on the same day. I’m thinking that can’t be beat by much, work-wise. And soon I will be able to go to Tucson for some real training, so I won’t feel like such a bother to my new co-workers. My probationary period is much shorter in this new position, which is both good and bad – I should get feedback much sooner, but it also doesn’t give me as much time to come up to speed. *eek* I am sure that it will all work out, I work for a great company, and this new group seems pretty cool.

And Thursday I am going to Kittery to spend my Coach gift cards, finally! I am so excited!

C got her first report card last week – she did really well.  She’s still doing well in karate, she loves it, and should be up for her next belt soon.  Hopefully this time they won’t screw it up like they did last time.  My final exam for my Fall 06 class is Friday; it should be fairly painless. I started a database class that was supposed to be a concepts class but instead looks more like an application class.  Ugh.  Hopefully I’ll be well established in it before I start my human behaviors in IT class that starts in March.  Or maybe this one will be over with – I should go look at my schedule 😛

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