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Digital scrapbooking aka digiscrapping.  I am really excited about having a creative outlet again.

June 01st, 2007 | Author:

I don’t even know where to start…..  

My ticker says it’s been 19 weeks since I quit smoking. 

I’m still working at my new job, it’s still hectic.  I went to Tucson for a week, my flight home got cancelled, so I got to spend an extra two days there before I could get a flight home.  That was fun.  Oh, and I am the current undisputed Nerf gun champion of the local office here.  That stings for the guys that I work with.  LOL.  Revenge is still being plotted; I hear it has something to do with Tommy guns. 

C is still in karate and she still loves it.  She is now a yellow-with-white-stripe belt.  Only a few more weeks and she will test for (I think) red-with-white-stripe belt.  She is almost done with Kindergarten, just two more weeks left.  She will be doing two weeks at camp at the Y, she picked the camp with the Dinosaur theme. I almost wish I could go!

J put in his retirement papers – so he is looking at separating in Oct 2008.  Wow.  I’m excited, and scared – we’ve been a military family for the past 13 years; I’m not sure that we will know what to do if we’re not a military family!  On the other hand, I am so very happy that he won’t be deploying again.  The last one was really hard on us emotionally, it’s so much different when you have a kid to consider than it is when it’s just the two of you.  I am not sure that I could watch C go through all those emotions again – and she was only 2 the last time!

Oh, I got a B in that database concepts class – turns out I’m really good at designing and normalizing databases.  Who knew?  I’m still a little shaky with advanced SQL but I know where to find what I need, and I can do the basic queries when I need to, pretty painlessly.  Now if I could say that my Human Factors in Information Systems class was as exciting….. unfortunately, it’s not.


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