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July 31st, 2008 | Author:

but Happy Anniversary, baby.

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July 28th, 2008 | Author:

It doesn’t always take big events to make a day darn-near perfect.

Sleeping in, even though you shared a bed with the kidlet the night before – she is sleeping in, too.  Coffee already made when you get downstairs.  Time to browse the Sunday paper while drinking a cup of that coffee.

A good lunch, with a good friend, a good husband, and the kidlet is behaving very nicely.  The waiter makes guacamole at your table.  Carb coma follows shortly after.

Time spent browsing in a bookstore.  Books are purchased, including one that you know is cheesy as hell but you buy it anyway just for fun.  The kidlet keeps the whining to a minimum, and you’re able to use a gift card for most of your purchases.  Laughing at the musical cards in the Hallmark store with your kidlet while you wait for Da Hubby to return to the bookstore to buy that cheesy book for you.

A late afternoon birthday party for the kidlet, which leaves the parents alone … Seven episodes of Army Wives, and you’re caught up through the current episode.  Completely blowing off homework in favor of good old-fashioned TV for women.

A kitten curled up in your lap, sleeping.  On her back, with one paw in over her head, and the other curled over her eyes.  Not wanting to move and disturb her, for hours on end.

Da Hubby coming home with a new nalprene bottle for you because he’s noticed you need a new water bottle – and he listened to what you said you wanted in a water bottle.  Another trip to the store, and he returns with a new water bottle for the kidlet as well – plus a package of bullet-tipped dry erase markers, just because you’ve been bitching about not being able to find them at any of the stores you went to and what the hell is this 2nd grade teacher thinking anyway, putting something on the list that you can’t pick up at any of the local stores?!?

Finding out that the reason your kidlet didn’t eat at the party wasn’t because the neighbors are some kind of freaks who have parties from 5PM-7PM and don’t feed the kids, but rather because your kidlet didn’t feel like eating hot dogs.  It’s always nice to know that your neighbors are semi-normal.

Seeing another sibling of the kitten – an orange tabby this time, and hearing DaHubby talk himself into being the owner of 2 kittens, and going outside to call the kittens.  And the kitten not being around to hear him.  After all – he’s not home during the day, right?  🙂

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July 26th, 2008 | Author:
  • I wonder what AdSense will do with the word vomit on the page.
  • I love Ranier cherries.  They are the most awesomest cherries in the world.
    • They are also $6/pound so I don’t get them very often.
    • I have some in the fridge, that I’ve been munching on today.
  • I am listening to Cyndi Lauper today.  She rocks.
  • I actually cleaned my house today.
    • My friend Crista is coming down for a sleepover, and that was the incentive.
  • I wrote a paper in an hour last week – talk about mind vomit.
    • I got an A.
      • I have no idea how.
  • My pictures came today.  Not the 16×20 but the rest.
    • I got the 4×6’s in the frame –
    • Which, it turns out is not black.  LOL.
    • It’s mahogany.
    • The pictures looked good anyway.
    • I need for DH to hang it for me.
      • No, I know, I can hang it myself.  But we haven’t discussed where to hang it. I have an idea but I do like to run these things by him first.
    • I need to get 8×10 frames now.
  • I have a decision to make.   I don’t want to make it.  But I need to, in the next month.
    • Apathy and indecision are the easiest place to be; if I ignore it, it will go away.  Right?  Right?  No, I didn’t think so.  Damnit.
    • I am hoping that Crista will have some insight for me tonight.  Maybe she can make the decision for me.
  • I need to take a shower.
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July 23rd, 2008 | Author:

This is, hands down, the snuggliest kitty we’ve ever had.  This cat is laying on one of us at all times.  She sleeps with us at night.  Tonight she took that to a new extreme.  She climbed up Da Hubby, til she got to his shoulder, and she stayed there – until she realized I had chicken and she wanted to check that out, so she jumped from his shoulders to mine.

One of Smidgen’s siblings was out and about today.  The kidlet thought it was Smidgen, and she was pretty upset, thinking she’d let Smidgen out.  But she sucked it up and did the right thing, and came to tell me that Smidgen had gotten out, but that a mail person found her.  I was so proud of her for doing the right thing, even when it’s hard.  So much so that I didn’t laugh at her when I turned around, with Smidgen in my lap.  The mail person (not really the postman, I don’t know what he was doing? probably selling the local paper) made sure it wasn’t ours and that we didn’t want to keep it.   I am pretty sure that he ended up taking the kitten home.  I hope so, anyway.

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