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August 25th, 2008 | Author:

Today was the first day of second grade for the Kidlet.  I wasn’t sure that we were going to make it out of the house… getting up at 6:45 is a huge adjustment for us.   Some outfit snafus and we were on our way.

When she got home tonight, she said she likes her chair, she likes the room, and she likes the teacher.  So we’re off to a good start!

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August 22nd, 2008 | Author:

School starts on Monday and are we ever really ready for it?

I took the kidlet to her Open House last night, met the teacher, signed up for aftercare, met the PTO people, almost volunteered DaHubby to participate and then thought better of it ;), and got a ton of paperwork to fill out.  I feel like she will be in good hands; it’s a good school.

I did, however, get accused of not being from the south.  Which, those of you who live down here will understand that I’ve just had my parentage insulted.  How did this happen?  OK, those of you who know me know that I worked really hard to get rid of my southern accent, because when you’re out of the south it can be a disadvantage of sorts.   And I was gone for a long time.

Actually it was quite funny when the lady said “I know you can tell I’m from the south but we have plenty of people here from the north, too.” because the look on her face when I said “Actually I’m from North Florida – further south than here.”  was kind of priceless.  She gasped “But you don’t sound southern!”.  I did have to laugh and explain that we’d been gone for a while due to Da Hubby having been in the military and all.  That seemed to appease her and the conversation moved on.

Oh, and I forgot to take my camera to soccer practice the other night.  I forgot to take a chair, too.  I’ve learned, on both accounts 😉

Her first day of school outfit:

ETA:  At the request of The Kidlet, here is the entire outfit together:

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August 18th, 2008 | Author:

and yes, I know, her shin guards are on backwards.  She didn’t notice the R and L on the inside. And I confess: Neither did I, til I was taking them off.

Oh, wait, this isn’t the Kidlet.

Laughing at Smidgen running from the green light caused by the flash on the camera.

Running over to see what Smidgen was doing.

She wants to play monster but … the flash is really bright!!

In full regalia.

A closeup of that picture, because I love the look on her face here.  She looks so grown up!

Are we done yet?

What IS that green light?!?

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August 18th, 2008 | Author:

This week, I am home alone with the kidlet, while DaHubby is out of town and she is on a break – from camp, from school, from any form of child care. Today, she was actually good – she only whined for about half an hour when I explained that she, too, would have a job to do every day. Today, she cleaned the kitchen. No, I wouldn’t eat off the floors, but I’d be more likely to today than I would have been yesterday.

Tomorrow, she starts soccer. I have the most darling pink ensemble for her to wear – pink shin guards, pink soccer ball, pink shorts, pink shirt, pink socks, pink cleats.


And, they’re handing out pink uniforms to the entire BUTTERFLY team tomorrow night.

It’s not gonna get much cuter than that, is it?

I’m very excited – I need to remember to take my camera.

So, while I was typing this out, two things happened:

One, a lady on my freecycle group asked for a working riding mower. There are way more WANTED posts than OFFER posts on this group, and the sheer number of pets being turned over without a thought is astonishing and saddening to me.

The other thing that happened is that my Trillian GMAIL notifier went absolutely bonkers. In fact, it is still going bonkers. And the only mail I had was the one asking for a working riding mower. Perhaps the mail notifier was just as boggled by that request as I was. I have to wonder if the 80% asking, 20% giving was what the founder of freecycle had in mind?

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August 14th, 2008 | Author:
  • I just got back from taking two back-to-back finals.
    • In two totally different topics, so my brain is like double-mush, cause I couldn’t double-dip.
      • Or something like that.
  • Oddly, I passed the same car on the way TO the proctor’s location and on the way FROM the proctor’s location.
    • At 8:45 and 2:15.
    • Either that or I passed two separate off white Chrysler 300’s with Indiana dealer tags being driven by old bald men.
      • I suppose it’s possible.
  • I actually had time between the finals, and given the option, decided to wait and take the 2nd one at my scheduled time, so I could go study for the 2nd.
    • I went to IHOP, because I’d forgotten to eat breakfast.
      • I am scared to look at the nutritional info for what I ate.
      • I did not clean my plate; sorry, Mom.
    • I left IHOP and went directly to Starbucks.
      • I got a 90 calorie, skinny, tall iced vanilla latte.
      • It was pretty darn good.
    • I will now go spend an hour on the treadmill.
      • As soon as I take a nap.
  • C does not have camp next week.
    • She also does not have school.
    • I do not have alternate child care for her.
    • I have to work.
    • J will be out of town.
    • Hmm.
  • Nap wins.
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