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November 24th, 2008 | Author:

So TheKidlet goes through spurts of being curious about God and religion.  Which is normal, I suppose, but given that we don’t really participate in our religions of choice (DaHubby and TheKidlet are Jewish, I am not) sometimes we aren’t really sure what to say to her.

Like, why does WhatsHerName down the street go to church every week but we don’t go to temple every week? We’re slackers who like to sleep in on Saturdays, that’s why. And why doesn’t mommy go temple? Because Mommy isn’t Jewish. Well, what IS mommy?  Mommy is…. well, Mommy isn’t really anything.

Which of course leads to The Kidlet asking DaHubby, out of the blue – “Why isn’t Mommy anything?”  Once DaHubby picked himself up off of the floor, because his child asking why his wife is nothing strikes him as very fucking funny for some reason, he manages to ask her what she means.

“Well, she isn’t Jewish, and she isn’t Christian.  Why isn’t she anything?”

Out of the mouths of babes.  How do you balance wanting your child to have a good religious education (see above about slackers) and sincerely believing that organized religion is the root of all evil?  Is it possible to even balance such things?

Before you ask why …. I promised DaHubby when we got married that our children would be raised Jewish.  Of course now that he is solely responsible for that religious education, he is re-thinking that promise, but as I’ve told him, I’ve had too many tearful, rage-filled conversations about how, while we participate in the secular meanings of [insert Christian holiday here:  Christmas, Easter, etc.] that we don’t really believe in the religious background of the holiday; and yes, dear, the Easter bunny will still leave you a basket even if you don’t believe that Jesus was the messiah – he can’t back out now on that or we will never be out of debt paying the therapy bills.

Anyway, so this is the deal.  My first church as a child, we had a quiet, fairly mild-mannered pastor.  I swear he wasn’t a Baptist.  My “other” church – the church I attended in the hometown of my parents  – was a Baptist, of the southern variety but not Southern Baptist.   But he may as well have been.  The man was (and still is, I’d wager) a wonderful guy who laughed a lot and was a good sport.  Very smart.  I spent a lot of time at his house with his daughter who was my age and one of my best friends growing up.

But put that man behind a pulpit and he would literally scare the sin out of you.  He yelled, he screamed – the kind where he spit all over the first five rows and his holy saliva was the kind that would wash your sins away.  He yelled about hellfire and brimstone, and I promise you that he scared me enough almost every sermon that I was running up to the alter in tears to repent whatever sins my nine year old self had committed.  There were others who followed this style of preaching in my later years, but he was the first.

For years, after first learning about revleations, I couldn’t hear a low rumble in the distance – thunder or whatever – without having at least a momentary panic that the rapture was happening and I was being left behind.  I would strain to hear the trumpets, as some sort of confirmation that “OH CRAP, WHAT DO I DO?!?” and I would rush through a repentant prayer, as if that last minute confession and begging for forgiveness would mean that God would go “oh, that’s right, out of all the people in the world, I forgot PAM – bring her up, Peter” and all would be well with the after world.

Interestingly, in the nightmares I had about a post-Revelations world, the people who were taken up in the rapture resembled this guy  – as in their souls were taken up and left flat, lifeless, screaming bodies running around or just kind of crumpling to the ground, and I don’t know, I guess the rest of us were left to clean up the mess left behind of millions of soul-less, flat corpses lying around all over earth?

Anyway, after all of that, and after seeing and experiencing hate and bigotry and intolerance, all in the name of God and religion, I spent years being agnostic – cause if there was this God and he was vengeful and influenced our lives, how could he allow mere mortal men to invoke some of the crap that goes on in his name?  Yeah, I know, it’s not a new conundrum.  But it was mine, and there it was, and I spent a lot of time questioning a lot of things.

And like so many before me, I couldn’t discount the reality of a higher power, despite the …. I don’t know, illogicality of it all.  But I revert back to my childhood, and Pastor Ted screaming about hellfire and brimstone and OMG WHAT IF I’M WRONG?!?  So, I’m too scared to not believe in God.  But I don’t have to believe that God wanted churches to be what they are today.  Seems to me that when churches were out of control in biblical times that God came in and smited them, but don’t quote me on that, it’s been a while since I read that particular passage.  But I can certainly think of a few churches that could use a good smiting.  Heck, I think the world in general is due for a smiting on the level of Sodom and Gomorrah.  (Okay, come on – HOW FUCKING COOL WOULD THAT BE?  The selfish bastards who God said were “arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me.” We got those today.  Put them all in one city and SMITE THEM.  I want just ONE newscaster to say “The city of Podunk was filled with assholes today, and in a fit of rage, God did smite them.  In related news, peonies all over the world bloomed out of season.”  Or even just say smite.  No one uses the word smite anymore, and I think that’s a damn shame.

OK anyway, so we finally told the kidlet that Mommy believes in God but she doesn’t like the way that some of the Christian churches are run.  And that Mommy thinks that believing in God, and praying, and being a good person are the most important factors, religion-wise, not what label you put on your beliefs.

I’m not sure she gets that part yet.  But my guess is, given that she is so much like me in so many other ways, that she will get it eventually.

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November 20th, 2008 | Author:

I wonder how long I can keep this up.  Thursday Threes – my idea is to write three sentences about each topic floating around in my head, and then move on to the next one.  It made sense to me, anyway, as it floated around in my head.  We’ll see how well it works in practice.

OK here goes:

  • I am drinking 100 ounces of water a day.  I pee 90 million times a day.  I’m wearing a path in the carpet between my office and the bathroom.
  • I’m scanning the Black Friday sales.  Not much is catching my attention.  I keep clicking on links anyway.
  • I broke my USB drive.  I want a new 8GB one.  With a retractable connector.
  • I’ve been watching Nip/Tuck and catching up.  I am in season 4, and Sean and Julia split up.  I almost cried when he said goodbye to Connor.
  • I’m going home for Thanksgiving.  Mom said there will be a big crowd.  I just hope it’s warm.
  • I think sweet potatoes are manna from God.  Especially warm, with cinnamon.  I just finished one.
  • I had so much to say, and then I got distracted by work.  Now I have nothing to say.  And I don’t want to work.

More next Thursday.

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November 15th, 2008 | Author:

So our night at the 1927 Lake Lure Inn was the night that the time changed.  Do you suppose anyone told the kidlet that?  No.  Da Hubby and I had a room to ourselves, complete with wine, snacks, and leftover food.

And the kidlet came knocking on the door at …. 7AM.  Good cripes.  Yes, kidlet, go away.  My poor mother.

So we eventually get up and get going and we head downstairs and check out of one of the rooms – the dog had to stay in the other, and we needed a late checkout time for it so we could do the brunch downstairs in the hotel.

We had to wait for a few minutes for brunch to start so I took some photos around the front of the hotel.

Brunch was good, especially the chocolate fountain, but not really the kind that I would have gone back for thirds and fourths just because the food was so yummy, you know?  I enjoyed the one plate I had, and went back for dessert, but that was it.

Then we were off to the tour boats that I’d read about.  We wanted to take the tour to see where Dirty Dancing was filmed!

But we got there just a couple of minutes too late to make the boat that was pulling out of the dock, and we had to wait for the 1PM boat.  That was fine- there was a park right there we could wander through, and both the kidlet and the dog had energy to burn.

Okay, it gets fairly photo-intensive from here, so I’m going to do a MORE tag….. click on it below.


November 10th, 2008 | Author:

And because I’m lazy, the email I sent to DaHubby just a few minutes ago:

so in addition to my swelled up eye, by the time she was off the potty this morning, my lip was swelled up. 

I suspect the pillow at this point with it’s fancy “keep you cool” technology, but I also have 3 tilapia filets that she needs to eat for dinner cause I surely can’t, just in  case, and oh because the doctor told me not to.  You know, in case my face and throat swelled up.  Yeah. 

anyway, so I took her to school and dropped her off with one eye, but not before i popped 2 benadryl.  GOOD for my eye and lip.  BAD for work. Before I did anything else I did my timesheet and sucked up to my boss for not doing it before yesterday *again*. and then ….


My alarm went off, the hour I had allotted myself, and I went to get out of the bed and noticed that I was on the floor.  yes, I fell out of bed.  Good christ my knees hurt.

I got back into bed and gave myself another hour.

I have literally been sitting here staring at the computer, pushing keys every now and then, thinking that I am acting like smidgen thinking “how cool is that fucking mouse?” since 10:30 this morning. 

I am so zonked and zombie-like.  I will walk to pick her up from school.  LOL.

So it is entirely possible that I took too much benadryl given that it is hours and hours since I took that Benadryl and I am still zonked and out of it. 

But I don’t scare small children anymore when I leave the house 😀

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November 09th, 2008 | Author:

I redecorated, and OMG.  This was the EASIEST theme ever to install.  I had to re-do the header, an that was IT.

You like?

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