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December 26th, 2008 | Author:

So I’m watching HGTV-HD, been watching all afternoon since I appropriated the TV from the last person who was watching it.  I don’t even remember who, it’s been so long.   In my defense I did take a break and clean out the refrigerator, which looks spiffy, if I do say so myself.  Oh, and I did go upstairs and clean out my office closet, which looks sadly bare.  And I spent a few minutes playing with the now-put-together karaoke machine that TheKidlet got for Christmakah, and cleaned out the drawers in the coffee table.  So I say that I’ve been lounging all afternoon watching TV but really I’ve been somewhat productive.

My mother reads this, can you tell?

OK so anyway, there’s this engaged couple on … Property Virgins, I think…… and they’re looking to buy a house before the wedding.  She wants established, with mature trees, and all the amenities that come along with an established neighborhood.  He wants new construction.

DaHubby and I will be like this when we go to buy our next house, I’m sure.  Not with those particular differences but in terms of what will be important to each of us  – there won’t be much overlap.

I must take a side trip here to tell you that DaHubby is demonstrating to Smidgen how to use the new cat scratching post that we got her for Christmakuh.  And it might really be the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.   And we watched Jeff Dunham last night.

OK so for him, I want a big kitchen with an island, lots of cabinets and counter space.  Because he loves to cook, and I love for him to love to cook because that means I don’t have to.  And I like to eat.  And I do like the eat-in kitchen thing.  And for me, I want a laundry ROOM not a laundry closet because it can be used for many things other than laundry.  If I can’t have that, I want a small utility/mud room in the garage and the laundry upstairs.  I want a 2-bay garage, if possible, instead of a 2-car garage.  DaHubby doesn’t care and rolls his eyes.  I want a 2-story house, he questions why I don’t want a ranch.    We both want at least 1/4 acre.

And I want 4 bedrooms, as does DaHubby, so that’s one area we agree on.

So I’m feeling all reflective about the whole house-buying thing, and as we watch another episode of Property Virgins – this one with three bachelors buying together – DaHubby looks at me and says “It’s hard enough for a couple to buy a house, can you imagine three guys?”

No, I can’t.

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December 23rd, 2008 | Author:

So I never wanted this blog to turn into a “HEY!  LOOK!  I HAVE A KID and A BLOG!!! YAY ME!!” but more about “look, I got some stuff to say and look there’s at least 4 people who might want to read it” but anyway….  I have a kid AND I have a blog, and my kid did something ultimately cool today.

Over the weekend, I took her out, and we got manicures.  She got a pedicure, too, because my mani took longer than hers, and so I planned for that and told then to give her the works.

Oh, but back up.

Before we left to go to the mall, cause that’s where the nail place is, and I hadn’t tortured myself enough over the week, so I thought going to the mall the weekend before Christmas would be just freakin’ lovely…. what? Oh, so DaHubby gave her $20 to spend while we were at the mall.  Just because.  He’s cool like that, except he doesn’t ever give ME $20 to spend just because I’m at the mall.  He says it’s because I have a job and my own money but whatever.

So the plan was that we’d get our nails done all pretty, we’d go to Toys R Us to pick up a toy for Toys for Tots, drop the toy off and be back home in time to get ready to go to dinner with C, K, and their kids.

Annnd, of course, the best of intentions, blah blah blah.

So tonight, we finally head to Toys R Us.  As we’re wandering through the throngs of people looking at toys, she is checking prices, and at one point rules out something that is $24.99 …. “because I only have $21.00”.

I look at her and ask – honey, did you think you were using your money to buy the Toys for Tots present?

And she indeed, did think she was.

And she was happy to be picking out a toy for a kid who wasn’t as lucky as she was, and to be buying it with her own money.

I told her that, no – her money was for her to buy something for herself, and Mommy would be buying the Toys for Tots present.

I think she was almost disappointed.   I was in tears because I was so very proud of her.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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December 17th, 2008 | Author:

Season 1 – I was hooked.  I couldn’t wait to see the next episode, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Season 2 – I was crushed when the writer’s strike came, and my season was cut short.

Season 3 – I barely remember to watch.

What started as such a good show with such promise – “Save the cheerleader, save the world” was a phrase known to geeks everywhere – has somehow ended up on the DVR list, ratings down, even for those who still anticipated the start of Season 3 with such excitement ….

I have read that the producers and writers are promising improvements but they’re slow in coming.  At least we’re not watching Hiro back in the 14th century or where ever he was for most of Season 2.  no…, we just get to watch him think he’s 10 years old again.

So I guess until until I’m so sucked into an episode that I don’t forget to fast-forward the commercials, it will stay on the DVR list.  I can only hope that Season 4 – if there is a season 4? – will be good enough to get the show off the DVR list and back on to the “watch live at all costs” list.

OK the blonde chick that used to be Nikki and is now Traci just called Hiro “Pikachu” and he punched her.  I almost peed my pants; that was funny.

Now, onto Hormel…

Seems the spammers have found my blog.  Isn’t that the most lovely thing?  I have deleted more comments in the past four days than I have gotten over the entire course of my blog.

And to think, Jodi is getting celebrity blogger comments over on Random Musings of a Frogged Mind, while I get advertisements for a larger penis.

Something is off, here.

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December 16th, 2008 | Author:

TheKidlet just got a phone call.

From a boy.


I am so not ready for this yet.

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December 16th, 2008 | Author:

A phrase on a television show that I’m watching as I’m … enjoying…. a sick day catches my ear.  We tell our toddlers and young children (and in my case, occasionally my husband, self and TheKidlet) to use our words rather than our hands or whining or whatever non-verbal communication is taking place.

But sometimes there just aren’t words for things…..

Like the sight of my kitten crashed out on her back, arms above her head, snoring softly.

The way a serving of Ben & Jerry’s makes you feel better, no matter what ails you.

Having a dream about a technical problem and waking up to discover that it actually works.

That first sip out of a really good bottle of wine.

Watching your hubby come in from a day of work, when he hasn’t gone to the gym and so he’s still in his suit and tie and hot enough to melt glaciers.

Playing air hockey with your kidlet, hearing her exclaim “I HAVE MAD SKILLZ!!!” and watching her knock the puck into her own goal – and she still beats you, making you realize there is hope for future generations.

And then you’re all reflective and smiling and giddy and you’re writing about it and you look up and you’re totally distracted by an episode of Charmed, and you forget what you were all reflective about.

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