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May 29th, 2009 | Author:

Before I start this post, I’m just going to say one thing:  Mom, it’s not nice to laugh.  Especially when you’re doing it hysterically, pointing and giggling and holding your stomach.

OK, so those of you who know me, or know my mom, know that this is related to that age-old curse that mothers bestow on their daughters every day: I hope you have one just like you.

I know she LOOKS like me.  Except for the curly hair that she refuses to detangle in the mornings but whatever.  The child is mine.  There’s no denying her, I can’t say it’s because she is adopted or not mine.

Today was the  culmination of several weeks of just generally bratty behavior.  There’s been a lot going on with the move, and not being around her friends as much, etc., so we’ve been a bit more tolerant than usual.  Today, that ends, and it ended with a wimpering bang.

I picked her up from school today, and since it was a nice day, I had the sunroof open.  She got in the car, and asked for cold air.  I blasted the a/c. I mentioned that I needed to go to the bank, and because it was Friday – let’s go to Sonic and get a treat.

Along the drive, I felt carefree and happy and raised my hand out through the sunroof.  This generated the reaction that I was “stealing her air.”  What?!?  Ooookay.  I explain to her that if anything, because of the wind deflector thingie in front of the sunroof, she was getting MORE air when I was deflecting it back into the car than she was if my hand was in the car.  (Which it was by this point, simply for safe driving practices.)

So then she asks if she can open her window.  I can’t stand to have windows open while I’m driving – the sunroof is different because of the wind deflector thingie – and besides I had the A/C blasting, which even with the sunroof open was keeping the car cool and comfortable.  I tell her no, and state my reasons.  She looks at me …. …. and rolls down her window.

OK, Sonic was removed from the agenda.  We went to Aldi’s instead.

After Aldi’s, I asked her to check the mail and then come help me carry the groceries in.  She developed a sprained ankle in the 12 feet from the car to the mailbox.  (sarcasm here, people.)

She came inside, I told her to put the dishes in the  sink in the dishwasher. She started whining.  Rather than risk another broken bone (sarcasm again) I sent her to bed.   That caused a tantrum.

She spent an hour in her room and then came down to do the dishes.  Suddenly, after months of helping me load the dishwasher, and mostly doing it herself, she has forgotten how to put plates in the dishwasher.  She is ready to quit and walk away because the bottom rack is full – mostly because she has put all the plates in cockeyed and they are taking up three slots.  Each.

During all of this, her mouth is opening and she is coming out with these smart assed remarks that I could picture coming from a teenager.

But from my eight-year old?

Good googly moogly.

I am in for a ride.

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May 18th, 2009 | Author:

Everything has been crazy busy lately, and at the last moment, I decided to go home for the 2.5 day weekend that is my new schedule.  Both of my parents turned 65 last week and I just needed a break.  I don’t know why I thought that driving 8 hours each way to spend one day would be relaxing but it sounded appealing, so I packed the kidlet up and left.

The kidlet watched movies and played Nintendo DS and slept the majority of the way.  Spending so much time in a car gives you lots of time with your thoughts, and I think that’s what I needed.

So the time with the ‘rents was largely uneventful and I’m glad I went and got to spend time with them.  The driving, though, and the thinking….

On the way back, we stopped at Taco Bell for dinner and I took the opportunity to jot down some keywords of what I wanted to write about.

So, in order:

Clenched stomach For three weeks now, since the latest events at work, I’ve had a knot in my stomach.  I’ve been trying to eat it away, but frankly that’s not doing anything but expanding my waistline.  There have been some Xanax in the picture, but apparently not enough.  On the drive home, I noticed that not long after I crossed the Florida state line…. the knot was gone.  I didn’t have a desire to eat everything in sight.  I was relaxed for almost two whole days.  On my return trip, the knot returned, but having had it gone for a while was enough to make it not so tense when it came back.  I am hoping that the tension continues to ease over the next few days.  It was nice to be able to actually breathe.

Relax I did nothing all weekend that wasn’t relaxing in nature, even the drive.

Birthday dinners I took my dad to Pizza Hut (his choice!), and my mom to a local seafood restaurant.  I got to have oysters on the half shell for the first time in a while.  I’m sure she enjoyed her dinner, too.  Both meals were a treat for me, and for Ciara – she adores both of her grandparents and she got to spent a little time with both, and sing Happy Birthday to both of them.

Drive back , hills/curves So this is probaby the one that I became the most philosophical about.  I took a US highway home most of the way, avoiding the summer road construction that pervades interstates in the south as soon as the temperature rises.  It is mostly 2-lane, goes through a bunch of little towns, with some 4-lane sections thrown in.  I’ve never encountered traffic on this road.  It’s a very peaceful drive.  As I crested a hill, instead of the level road that I expected, I looked up and saw the tops of three more hills in the road – all culminating in a curve.  As I went up and down, up and down, it occurred to me that the stretch of road was very reflective of my life lately, and I was just cresting the top of the first hill.  There are bound to be ups and downs, and life may throw a curve in my path.  Until I reach that stretch of road, I won’t know what it is that is coming my way.  And in the case of the curve, I won’t know what’s on the other end until I go around it.

Fortunately, in the case of the road, there was a Dairy Queen on the other side of the curve.  Fortunately, because I really had to pee.

Economy Driving through these little towns, it becomes apparent that there are issues with the economy.  To wit:

  • More for sale cars/toys There are tons of things for sale- houses for sure.  But a lot of “toys”, too.  Things like motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, campers, sports cars, etc.
  • More closed businesses The number of closed businesses and empty storefronts in some of these towns was staggering.  In one small town, not one storefront was occupied.  Not one.  Sadly, only three of the storefronts had even bothered to put “For Lease” signs in the windows.
  • Houses falling apart and escalades Some of the issues in the economy are obviously self-inflicted.  In a society where “more is more” and “we must have it now”, I drove past entire communities of falling down houses.  I don’t mean the “oh, times are tough and some of the routine maintenance has to take a backseat to eating.” kind of disrepair.  That is understandable and expected these days.  I mean the “one good wind and this structure will fall down” kind of disrepair.  Wood for windows.  The roof missing shingles in several sections – and they’ve been missing for a while.  Porch roofs propped up with broomsticks.  That kind of thing.  And none of that leads me to the diagnoses of self-infliction.  It’s the so-new-it-has-paper-tags Escalade parked in front of it that makes me shake my head.  Your home is falling down around your ears and you buy a tricked out Escalade.  I don’t understand those priorities.
  • Home is home? And the biggest question.  Is home really home?  Right now – not yet.  I love my house but it’s not put together enough to be called home yet; when I stop having to do a deep search through boxes to find things, and when I can find my way around in the dark without faltering – then it will be home.  We’re getting there, but we’re still settling in.  Still – it was really good to get home last night and open the garage door in the pouring rain to find that DaHubby had cleared out my side of the garage so I could park in it while I was gone.  Where he is, is home.
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    May 07th, 2009 | Author:

    So yesterday I got my stuff together and left the house to go get the kidlet from school.  Just like I do every weekday.

    I closed the door, and immediately realized I did not have my keys.

    Doors locked.  Car locked. All windows locked.

    I call DaHubby, because there was no option of not picking up The Kidlet … he calls the school and they agree to hold her until we can get there.  He has to leave work and go get her, then come let me back in the house.

    I settle into the chair on the back patio and start Facebooking on the iPod.

    Until I felt the first drop of rain on my arm.

    I should mention that my house has no overhangs – nothing under which I could stand and wait out the rain.

    I found a 6″x6″ square near the back windows that somehow stays mostly dry.  I huddled in the corner,  protecting the Coach and the iPod.    Both of them stayed dry.  I did not fare so well.

    DaHubby and TheKidlet got home and let me back in, and I went back to work.  My co-workers, of course, found it hysterical that I had locked myself out of the house.  Shortly after work, I made certain that such a lockout would not happen again 🙂

    Things at work are all jacked up – all I can say is that we were told to bend over, but offered some generic Vaseline to ease the pain.  And then the Vaseline was pulled away and instead a much larger dildo was aimed at our rear ends.   *Sigh*

    Some days, it’s just not worth it to get out of bed.

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    May 01st, 2009 | Author:

    This week as we’ve been finishing up with the move, I’ve been doing a lot of driving between my old neighborhood and my new.   Comparisons were bound to be made, right?

    There were many things that I liked about my old neighborhood, but nothing I loved.  There were many things I didn’t like about my old neighborhood but nothing I hated.  It was just … “blah”.

    As I left the “blah” neighborhood and drove into my new neighborhood, I looked around and noticed something.

    Parents walking their kids in strollers, or with toddlers toddling along with them.  Families riding bikes together.  Two men, walking their dogs, stopping to let the dogs play and both walking away with a smile.  All of them waving to the new person in the neighborhood.

    This isn’t a small neighborhood, people.  It’s a mid-sized suburb subdivision.   So my conclusion is that I have found suburban Mayberry, or a suburban Stepford Wives neighborhood.  I’m almost afraid to drink the water.

    ……. And in the middle of writing this, I got distracted by work.  And after that, by work gossip.  And in the middle of that, my new neighbor brought me a cookie cake that said “Welcome to the neighborhood.” on it.

    She was really nice, too.

    Damnit.  I used to make fun of people who lived in neighborhoods like this.

    How long til they figure out I’m just a suburban hillbilly and they start being frightened, wondering when the car on cinder blocks will appear?   No, I won’t really do that but I bet that at least once my grass gets higher than what the HOA expects it to be at.    (Although I have now convinced DaHubby that hiring a lawn person does not diminish his masculinity in any way and in fact makes me a little more excitable because I can look out at my beautifully maintained lawn.  *cough cough*  Hi, Mom.)

    So it’s an exciting time in our lives, the unknown is just amazing.  We’ve never lived anywhere that there weren’t at least SOME military people around, at least close enough to fall back on for socialization, in the event that we totally alienated all the people who lived near us.

    We’ve also never lived anywhere of our own choosing, knowing that barring unforeseen circumstances …….. this is it.  We have chosen our forever home.  We are putting down the kind of roots that don’t pull up easily.  We will likely be in this house when we enter our golden years.  This is the house we plan on having our grandchildren visit us in.

    That’s an awful lot to grasp in one day.  At least without wine.


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