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August 23rd, 2009 | Author:

(name removed to protect the innocent)
You know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see you skate up to Tonya Harding and hit her in the kneecap with a golf club, then skate over to the judge and put your foot up on the counter and cry about a broken lace. That would be AWESOME!

(this, in response to Brian Boitano’s status)

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August 16th, 2009 | Author:

Over the years I’ve done many things that have not been friendly to my body.

I fully believe that it all started when I got my first shot of Depo-Provera. And kept repeating them for three years. I fully believe that my hormones got seriously jacked from all of those chemicals injected into my body.

Later, I went into a tailspin – perhaps caused by the hormones being all out of whack? I haven’t investigated that connection – and ended up medicated for situational anxiety. Three different times I’ve started medication, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve found the right medication for what has evolved into generalized anxiety.

But none of this has been as devastating to my body as a man telling me once “I like a woman who can eat.” After having been thin for my entire life, it was like someone gave me permission – no, not permission, but rather a mandate, given my emotional need for approval from those of the male gender – to eat.

And eat, I have.

I love food. DaHubby loves to cook, and this is a dangerous combination. Has been a dangerous combination for the past 15 years.

On the first of August, I said “30 days!! I’m in! I’m going to walk every day for 30 days!! Whoo hoo!!!”

I made it a week. I made it four days eating healthy and without eating junk food. Then there was a night when it was late, and I was tired, and despite my urgings to DaHubby to stop. feeding. TheKidlet. fast. food …. I found myself in the drive through of Taco Bell. That was the beginning of my last fall from grace.

I fall alot. I’m kind of a klutz, that way.

But on the upside, I eventually get up and start again. Tomorrow, marks my 903480834th start. God, I hope it sticks this time. I am getting up early and starting over on the Couch To 5K program (C25K in new posts.) I downloaded a boatload of happy upbeat music for the iPod; I installed an app on my iPhone that will allow me to listen to my own music while prompting me for the correct times to walk and run.

Now, on a related but oh-my-god-this-could-be-bad note: DaHubby and I went out to dinner tonight and I took him to this little Mexican place that TheKidlet and I have been to but he hasn’t tried. And he REALLY liked it. It’s affordable, and it’s the closest thing to San Diego mexican food we’ve had since we were in … San Diego. We both love Mexican food so I understand his hesitancy to try the new place – so far in the past four years every place we have tried has proven to be a disappointment. (It was really bad in Maine.) I also understand his exuberance upon finding this place, but for my purposes its a little worrisome.

Especially since on tonight’s visit I proved that I have absolutely no restraint when it comes to eating.

I have a lot to learn.

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August 06th, 2009 | Author:

Monday – walked
Tuesday – walked
Wednesday – rested
Thursday – walked
Friday – (will walk)

Y’all, I’m rockin this. Really. Today I even dragged the kidlet along.

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August 01st, 2009 | Author:

1. I’m in:
For me, 30 days of Blank will be 30 days on the treadmill. Starting in five minutes. I will document here.

2. Some of the blogs I’m reading today are just ….. wow.

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August 01st, 2009 | Author:

It’s been a week now, and I think I’m recovered from Graduation Day at Ft. Jackson.

We left for SC around 6PM on Thursday night to be there for Friday morning graduation.   It’s not a long drive, under 2 hours, and we were there in short order.  Checked in, found Mom and my Aunt B, and made the decision to head out for dinner at the Pizza Hut across the parking lot.  That, frankly, was a mistake and not just because the hotel we were staying in wasn’t in the best part of town.  (Not the worst, either, but not the best.)  But because the pizza was the worst I’ve had in a long time, and generally I kinda like Pizza Hut.    Seriously, we picked the box up off the table and there was a puddle of grease under it.  Yet the toppings on the Meat Lover’s half of the pizza were crunchy.  Yeeeechhhh.

So we get back to the hotel, and my brother is there.  I only half believed that he was going to show up – but he did, smartly coming the night before (originally he wasn’t going to until he figured out how far and how early the graduation started.)  And y’all, really – for just shy of 24 hours I got to see my brother.  The real one.  The one that I grew up with.  DaHubby even remarked that he hadn’t seen that side of my brother in quite a few years.  I’ve missed that brother.  He spoke.  To all of us.  He hugged us.  He shook DaHubby’s hand when we came into the room.  He acted like he was happy to be around us.


OK so anyway we went to bed early, because graduation started at 9AM, right?  Well.  The hotel personnel (who go through this every week and should know) and at least three guests plus my nephew’s mother and girlfriend all advised that we be on the road BEFORE 7AM.  For a 1.25 mile trip to the base.  Ummkay.  After a restless night’s sleep, we get up at 5:30AM, get dressed and ready to go including the drama that goes along with an 8-year-old discovering that even though she was told repeatedly she has somehow forgotten her hair stuff and her toothbrush.  (And did you know that TheKidlet has long curly hair that is impossible on the BEST of days to de-tangle?  Add in cheap hotel shampoo to that mix and it was NOT fun.)

We met the family members downstairs, had some continental breakfast, and headed out about 6:45.  The line was just beginning, and even as we waited for that short period, the line behind us … oh my gosh.  I wouldn’t have wanted to sit in that.  We park, locate the other car, and we all head in.  There are souvenir stands set up, and TheKidlet wants a “My cousin is the best Army soldier” or something to that effect t-shirt, and of course DaHubby takes her off in a quest to find one.  As we’re waiting for them, we see Brad’s mom and girlfriend come out and they let us know that as an award recipient (!!) Brad’s family is set up to sit in a special section and if we’ll just wait, they’ll take us there.  Oh, yeah, he got ANOTHER award in addition to the Army Achievement Medal that he was presented with on Thursday morning.  I mentioned that my nephew did an awesome job, didn’t I?

Now here comes the downside to leaving early to avoid sitting in those lines in the car:  you arrive early, find your seats …. and wait.  Outdoors.  In July, in the SC heat.  At first, it’s okay because you know it’s like oh-dark-thirty in the morning.  But then the sun comes up and it starts warming up.  And it gets hot.

And there’s not a lot to do.  Brad’s girlfriend and his little brothers played Uno.  Brad’s girlfriend, a senior taking her LAST class at UF, read some managerial economics.  Mostly we talked and sweated.



Isn’t she adorable?  The girlfriend, not the grasshopper.  They’re a very cute couple.  She’s going to Africa with the Peace Corps next year.  I think that’s awesome.

So anyway, the troops start lining up at the far edge of the field and we thought “Yes! This is it!”   And then BUSES of soldiers showed up.  Wow!  I hear it wasn’t even a FULL class graduation.   They lined up by company (Brad was in Delta) and the award recipients were in formation behind the color guard – right in front of our seats!  Woot!

This guy talked, he almost had ME wanting to join the Army, and the awards were presented (Brad was Team Leader of the Cycle for Delta Co.) and then the companies did the Pass and Review march in front of the stands, and then it was over!  During the speech, there was a guy in front of Charlie company who was kneeling – it was during a discussion about veterans and how important they were.  Turns out he was about to pass out, and because he was one of the front guys, they couldn’t move him to the back of the formation to hide him from the crowd.  So he knelt until he felt better.  Poor guy, I took his picture thinking he was doing something cool.

After the ceremony, the award recipients went to a special tent and we got to head over to see them before they were taken back to the barracks to collect their things and move on to their next step, whatever that was.  They lined the soldiers up again, and then the base’s 1-star general talked to them, and a special guest 2-star general talked to them.  Then each of the generals talked to each of the graduates (and their families!) and gave them some encouragement.  Yeah, I think that was cool.  Then we took a boatload of pictures of everyone that was with us, and after that Brad had to go collect his things from his room and check out of boot camp.

So then we were all done, and after spending some time with Brad back in the hotel room, we went to Shoney’s for lunch – yes, it was a culinary delight of a trip – and then because we were all so tired….. we drove home and we all took naps.  (Mom and Aunt B came up to stay the weekend.)

Brad left the next morning for training – truck driving and parachuting(!) and during this time he will make the decision of whether or not he converts to active duty or remains National Guard.  Whatever decision he makes, he is going to make an awesome soldier.

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