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March 12th, 2010 | Author:

Not literally, of course.

Social networking is making its way into the daily lives of a great percentage of Americans, and with that comes … the past.  The past rears up its ugly head and smacks you in the face, on places like MySpace and Facebook.

I don’t use MySpace but I do use Facebook.  And right now I have a friend request sitting in my queue that has been sitting there for weeks.  And I look at it, every day, and just like I couldn’t bring myself to say no to any harebrained scheme this person dreamt up when we were kids, I am having a hard time clicking “Ignore”.

I’m an adult, right? It shouldn’t be this difficult.

I think about all the things she and I did and got into when we were kids, both good and bad.  And I think about how lousy I felt about myself when I was around her.  And how mean she could be to me.  And how disapproving her parents could be, for no apparent reason.  How that time in my life was probably the worst in my life, for reasons that have nothing to do with her, and yet the sight of her name and picture bring it all back because of her presence in my life during the same timeframe.  And how hard I worked as an adult to put certain parts of my past behind me, and to move on.  And how I can’t click “Ignore”.

I will go click “Ignore” tonight, and I will put that behind me again, and I will move forward with my life and friends who are positive forces in my life and bring light and joy and peace into my world.  And who are all on Facebook.

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