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August 22nd, 2010 | Author:

I came home a few days ago, and noticed there was a box propped between my storm door and front door.

I did a little jig on my way into the house, because I had ordered makeup and well, some things a girl just gets excited about.  I even let out a little giggle on my way to the front door.

And then I opened the front door.

And saw this:

In case you can’t read the iPhone photo (sorry, y’all) – that is BABY FORMULA.  That is NOT makeup.

You know TheKidlet is NINE, right?  She gave up the formula like…. over 8 years ago.

I looked down, at my belly, which ISN’T flat, but surely ISN’T pregnant.  And then I giggled.  And left it on the kitchen counter for DaHubby to see.

The look of abject horror on his face hasn’t been seen since Father’s Day when I showed up with a pink stripe in my hair and told him it was permanent.

I chalked it up to a marketing snafu and made a note to call a shelter and see if they would take it.

Until the next day.

This, we can clearly see, is A DIAPER.

This has gone a little too far, people.  Whoever has my name and address and thinks that it’s funny to send me baby stuff?  You can stop now.  Mom?  I’m not popping out another grandchild no matter how much free stuff you send.  And trust me, once you’re ON these mailing lists, they do NOT remove you until they think your child has outgrown their products.

And really, DaHubby has enough stress in his life without thinking that TheKidlet2 is coming along.  As he reminds me frequently, any child born now will graduate at the same time he is eligible for social security, an idea he’s not too keen on.

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August 20th, 2010 | Author:

But you know, I am a mommy.

You saw it coming, didn’t you?

Yes, well.  OK.

We’ve had a TON of thunderstorms the past few days, and one a few nights ago was particularly bad.  It was loud, and flashy, and stayed on top of us for what seemed forever.

I woke up around 2AM to TheKidlet crawling into bed with us.  At that time I noticed that Henry was trying really hard to snuggle as close as possible to me as he could.  Under the covers.  Cause those are PROTECTION!!!

I doze back off to sleep, only to hear..

TheKidlet:  “Daddy, I’m scared.
DaHubby:  *snore*
(wait 2 minutes, insert symphony of thunder and lightning)
TheKidlet:  “Daddy, I’m scared.”
DaHubby:  *snore*

Finally I roll over and rub her back and she turns and snuggles into me.  A few minutes later, as she dozes off, she readjusts – but not before grabbing my hand to hold onto.

Take THAT, favorite parent!

The next morning, she comes out of the shower and crawls back onto our bed.  She gives me a big hug and snuggles in for a few minutes.  While she’s there, she whispers, “Thank you, Mommy, for holding my hand last night.  It made me feel so safe.  I hope you’ll always hold my hand when I’m scared.

I promised her I would always do my best to make her feel safe.

I got a kiss and she bounded off, because there were cartoons waiting to be watched .

DaHubby asked what the whispering was about.  I said “She told me I was her favorite but not to tell you cause she didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

And I smiled, thinking about a little hand in mine.

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