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November 28th, 2010 | Author:

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November 21st, 2010 | Author:

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November 17th, 2010 | Author:

It’s late, so it’s not really coffee. More like red wine. And perhaps a chaser of Xanax. With some tears and a little smile. I suspect she would approve.

The besties and I have breakfast every Friday morning: Sacred Friday. I think I mentioned it before. This has been going on for over a year, so the staff at the restaurant we go to knows who we are. They make sure our table is available and ready for us, our favorite waitress is ready for us, and they generally laugh at our antics.

She is usually at the register, always with a smile, her grey hair shining and a twinkle in her blue eyes. She wants to join our group, she tells us regularly. She asks us to not ever be quiet, because if we are she can’t laugh with us, or sing with us (yes, we do, at least once), and she tells us that brightens her day. She says she looks forward to Fridays when we come in. She remembers what we each usually eat, and never minds that there are 7 or 8 orders on one check, all waiting to be rung up separately. She tells us if other diners have an issue with our revelry, then it’s their problem – she’d rather have us.

Last Friday, all was as usual.

This coming Friday, the twinkle is gone. That quick. Pneumonia, followed by a cardiac arrest.

RIP, Joyce. Breakfast will not be the same, and you will be sorely missed.

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November 15th, 2010 | Author:

I just finished watching an episode of Undercover Boss, a show where company executives go undercover and work side-by-side with the workers who really make their company work. I DVR the show and then watch it in spurts. Or I try to. Sometimes, TheKidlet starts recording a show that is on at the same time, no matter how much I tell her not to interfere.


So I just finished watching the episode where NASCAR dude went undercover. The Chief Marketing Officer, because the CEO and COO are very well known faces. So in the CMO went.

These shows ALWAYS show the workers who are there, doing their jobs despite personal hardship. And they almost ALWAYS do some kind of corporate feel-good gesture to help those workers with some aspect of that personal hardship. Almost always.

The NASCAR episode was interesting to me because I live very close to a super speedway. NASCAR is huge here, because so many of the teams have their headquarters in the area. I can drive 10 minutes and drive past 10 different race shops. For the NASCAR fan, such as DaHubby, this is For me, I’m a little less so these days, but I have been a huge fan in the past. (For the record, I’d still practice making babies with Tony Stewart, though, and I would swoon in a totally non-sexual way to have a conversation with Ken Schrader.)

So the episode shows how the pit crews train and practice and that’s pretty cool. They show him painting lines and ads and logos on the Daytona track and retaining wall. Meh. They showed him working in a concession stand. Yawn. They showed him working with the tire specialist before and during a race. That was pretty cool. Mark Martin’s car caught on fire; Jimmy Johnson’s crew pulled Martin out of the car as they reached him first. Teamwork across the teams. Diggin’ it.

OK… personal hardships – the guy working with him on the pit crew for Mark Martin was the first African American pit crew member, and he realizes that he can only work on the crew for 10-15 years and he is done. He worries about what he will do. The painting guy has a child with leukemia and while the son is responding well to treatment, the co-pays and out of pocket expenses are hard on the family. The concession stand is being manned by volunteers raising money for a cheerleading team. The tire specialist misses his family and is pissed when he is promised tickets for his family for a race and then the marketing team pulls the tickets at the last minute because a corporate sponsor wants a seat. (yeah, he said that to the CMO. I laughed.)

So… the pit crew guy, he promises a job when he can’t be on the pit crew anymore. Pretty darn good. Concession stand group – he doubles their share of the proceeds from the sales. Also pretty darn good. The tire specialist gets all expenses paid trip for his family to the race of his choice.

Annnd the paint guy. Of all the things the CMO can do, he hands him a helmet signed by all the drivers from the Daytona 500, to give to his son. OK, that’s pretty cool. And then, he says “Oh, and all the out of pocket expenses that you incur during your son’s treatment, copays, travel, whatever, we’re gonna pick up the tab for that.”

If you’ve ever watched NASCAR – it’s a family sport, sure, for the fans. For the people who work on the pit crews and the all the places where the CMO was working … these are MEN. Manly men, embodying all of the male stereotypes. Strong silent types.

And this man, he tried. He tried so hard. He couldn’t speak. He said “Really?!?” something like three times. Even in the post-reveal interview when he’d presumably had time to calm down, he still could barely speak. I can only imagine that this is a huge relief for him and his family, a massive burden off of their shoulders.

And if NASCAR was looking for a feel-good method of generating respect from viewers of this show, dude. They totally got it with me. Enough that I needed to tell people about it.

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November 14th, 2010 | Author:

Last Friday, breakfast with the besties: Sacred Friday. I forget to take my meds. Which I’m weaning off of, so I am already a little vulnerable emotionally. Add PMS to the mix and well, yeah. It’s not totally a trainwreck in progress, but very precarious.

CK tells us of a trip to her doctor the previous day. She’s been feeling run-down and running a low-grade fever. For most of us, this is an infection, something easily dealt with by taking a course of anti-biotics. For CK, who is nearing the end of her 2nd year in remission of leukemia, it’s not that simple. Her oncologist is an hour and a half away and on vacation, so she faxed the labwork to CK’s primary care physician. CK’s primary physician is out and the office really dropped the ball on the whole thing, and the end result is that there is still no indication of WHAT is causing the infection, only that there IS one. OH, and some idiot intern told CK that sometimes there are infections secondary to CML. Dude, she’s IN REMISSION. Secondary infections at this stage indicate BAD.THINGS. What the fuck?!?

So there’s that stressing me out.

Oh, did I mention the phone call from my dad? The “Hey, this was on Glenn Beck today, and how is work going, and oh by the way, your grandmother was rushed to the ER yesterday.” *sigh* Grandma is 91, and was having chest pains. They ran tests and she had some fluid buildup around her heart and so they gave her meds to drain the fluid off. The fluid buildup is because she’s 91 and her heart is just wearing out. It could be months, it could be a year. It’s serious but it’s not emergent.

So there’s that stressing me out.

I was on my way to lunch with the besties (more like breakfast dessert) and Corey Hart’s Never Surrender came on (80’s station on Sirius). I’ve never given this song much thought other than I thought Corey Hart was hot back in high school. Anyway…. the lyrics. Added with the PMS, the meds being taken late, the stressors. I totally burst out into tears on the way there.

So, in case you think my life is just totally sucking, cause it’s not …. I got to have the girl who cleans my house come in and do some really serious deep cleaning. And my house is sparkling clean, my baseboards, blinds, and windowsills are shiny white, and I am totally ecstatic that I didn’t have to do it myself!

Yes, I am lazy and spoiled.

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