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I’ve written before about the friends that I’ve made here – and it seems like every time I turn around I have another story that exemplifies that wonderful group that we’ve found ourselves a part of.

Another case in point:  two days before TheKidlet’s birthday party, DaHubby and I realized that, because of various reasons, she had TWO kids (out of six invitees) say yes, they were coming.   This, after having to cancel the original date because she had the stomach flu.

We had opted for a party at Michael’s craft store and I was saddened for her that there would just be the three of them.  AND…. three 9 year olds?  An odd number of girls is a Recipe for Disaster.  I talked to my bestie, CK, about it and she simply said “You know what to do.  Activate the phone tree.”

I texted GH, CC, and JO – and within four minutes, LITERALLY, she had five additional children coming to her party.  They had a ball, TheKidlet was thrilled, and I called birthday party number nine a success.  Consider me moved to tears repeatedly by these women.

As an aside, I highly recommend Michael’s for parties.  Not expensive, they do everything, and it’s all over in three hours.

After the party, it was Game Night at GH’s house.  There were new people there, out of town guests.  Our kids …. all upstairs playing, the new kid decided to either hit or kick each child present at least once.  The five year old was hit in the face with a shoe.

Our kids?  Locked him in the bathroom.  Now, of course I don’t condone vigilantism in any form, and they have all been reminded that getting an adult is the proper course of action …. but really, when the kids aren’t around, there are high-fives among the adults for the fact that our kids all worked together to take care of a problem.  And warm fuzzies that we know our kids all have each others’ backs.

And lastly, a rant:  we get together for breakfast on Fridays when we can.  We have a favorite restaurant, a favorite waitress, we each have our favorite meals.   This morning, we met for breakfast:  CK, GH, KSC, and myself.  A rare treat these days with my new work schedules, but we made it happen.  Talk this morning was tame, comparatively speaking.  We noticed early on that there were kids behind us and that probably tempered our conversation, however subconsciously.

GH has health problems, medical issues that are treated by a top team of doctors and that require medication.  She discussed the medications briefly at breakfast.  We walked outside when we were done, and there was a note on GH’s car.  This note basically said that her health issues are a result of the things that she says.  And then referred her to a church’s website.  WTF?!?  Who says something like that – something so judgmental and yet so cowardly?  I mean if you’re gonna sit in judgment, do it openly; don’t leave an anonymous note.   I sincerely hope that the entire congregation of this church isn’t as moronic as this person, or there’s a group of people who are cranky from trying to live up to an unattainable ideal of perfection.  Sigh.  This is why I don’t belong to a church and have a dislike of organized religion.

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