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Tonight it’s Tuesday.

Tuesdays are for American Idol, Glee, NCIS, or Lost.  Tuesdays are not, even when one has been home sick all day, for putting on public displays of nerdiness.  Well, perhaps not public, in the sense that my living room is not public, but there are people here in the form of TheKidlet (who doesn’t know that it’s nerdy) and DaHubby (who does know but is wise beyond his years and doesn’t say) or …. C’s hubby K, who stopped by earlier.

And busted me watching The Dead Zone.

Streaming, from Netflix, via the Wii.

Geek, meet nerd.

Now, having said that, I can probably bribe K into not telling anyone what he saw.  He’s pretty bribe-able.  I can definitely convince DaHubby to not say anything, I mean, it embarrasses him just as much as me, right?  It should.

……. so anyway, to distract you from my nerdness, I shall announce that we have a new family member.  No, it’s not a purse.  I mean, I do have a new Kate, but that’s not what I’m announcing.  I haven’t mentioned Henry here yet.

And given that I have no pictures of the little scoundrel yet, I will save that for the next post, so you can see his beautiful warm brown eyes yourself.

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