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And then.   I encountered heaven.  Let me tell you about it.

We went for sushi at a local restaurant.  And they had this concoction on the menu called the Flaming Lobster Roll.  And it was NINETEEN DOLLARS.  For 10 pieces of sushi.  Yeah, it’s lobster.  1/2 pound of it.  But still – $19?!?.  I was totally intrigued.  And totally hungry.  So I ordered it for DaHubby and I to share.

Flaming Lobster RollHere is the description from the menu:

10 jumbo pcs, lightly tempura battered 1/2 lb lobster tail, avocado, asparagus, served with sweet & spicy sauce

The “Flaming” part likely comes from the fact that the aluminum foil cone they have sitting in carrots in the middle of the empty lobster tail was on fire when they delivered it to the table.  TheKidlet just didn’t like that one bit and in short order had blown that right out.  She couldn’t fathom why they would put fire on our plate for no reason.  And I couldn’t explain it to her.  Nor could I convince her that a “sweet & spicy” sauce wouldn’t be up her alley if some were to happen to be on the piece of cucumber she snared from the plate.  Only tasting it would do that.

So.  Yes.  This was hella good.  And that is hella bad.  Because did I mention it’s $19?  And it’s totally not something I would get for my main meal, as it was I only had a couple of pieces of it because as the menu description clearly states, it’s DEEP FRIED SUSHI.  Sure, it’s lightly battered but it’s still FRIED.  Plus the sauce.  So add the cost to the cost to my ass and that = BAD.

And you know I’m gonna want it again.  Good thing we had leftovers, huh?

So, getting back to the deep fried part … this is bad for my ass, but my tastebuds are all over that shit.  It makes the lobster warm and everything soft and warm and mushy but you still have the crunch of the asparagus, and then the sweet and spicy sauce.  Oh, it’s totally an experience that indulges all of your taste buds.  Even DaHubby, who says “eh.  It was okay” about things that have me in foodie-orgasmic status…. said “uh.  Yeah.  THAT is good.”

The last thing he said that about was fried macaroni when he had it for the first time.  Now that I think about it, he was eating deep fried ribs at the same time, so …. hmm.  I am no longer thinking about buying him a deep fryer.  He’ll deep fry our shoes, I’m thinking.

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