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Not My Dad's Horse

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Who has it?  These past couple of months, not I.

2011 started off with a whirlwind and it hasn’t stopped since.  I went to Scottsdale and came home.  February was pretty uneventful other than DaHubby was gone for the whole month.  March, he came home, and we relaxed – for a minute.

Then, I got the call.  My paternal grandmother was ill and not expected to make it.  Within 48 hours, she was gone, and we were on our way to FL.

Driving on Thursday, funeral on Friday, a 2 hour horseback ride on Saturday followed by Saturday night dinner with the maternal family, and back on the road on Sunday.  Thursday and Sunday – 8 hours driving time each day.  It’s a rough trip to do in four days but of course we had to go.

The service was upbeat, per my grandmother’s request, lots of singing and happy stories.  No preaching about fire and brimstone.  And afterwards – the food.  Good, southern cooking.  Blew my points to hell, but so worth it.

Saturday morning (early, not my preference, but I think my dad really needed it), my dad and I, just the two of us, took the horses out for a ride on the local water management property.   I hadn’t been on a horse in a really long time, so I got the placid, “I fall asleep even when I’m walking”, horse.  My dad took his palomino.  Next time, I am totally taking the palomino.  LOL.  Anyway, we stayed out for a couple of hours, just talking and riding.  Best quote from the day:  “You know, that might have been a bear.  Do you want to go back and look?”  No, thanks, Dad – I’ll pass, but thanks for asking.  It took me a few minutes, but I did giggle.

After that, we packed up and headed to my mom’s house.  We got there and half an hour later, DaHubby was like “come on, let’s go to town to the gun store.”  I knew this day was coming but I was hoping that it wouldn’t happen so soon.  Two hours later…. we are standing in Daddy’s Gun Shop (yes, that’s really the name) and I am signing the sales slip to buy him some new rifle.

Yes, I bought him a rifle.  I didn’t even make him promise I could buy a new purse.  Really, I’d have bought him an AK-47 and 200 rounds of ammo if it meant I’d be able to get out of there.  Seriously?  I am bringing that up next time we are shoe shopping and he is like “Just pick a pair, already!”

But we finally got out of there and went to a great seafood place for dinner.  Early Sunday we were on our way home.

Until we found the Le Creuset factory store.  An outlet store filled with this wonderful cookware!  And a 50% room!  Whee!

A dutch oven and 11″ skillet later, we were on our way to Columbia and the PX at Fort Jackson.  Nothing exciting there, I don’t even know why I mentioned it.  But I did, and it sat on the screen while I retrieved my pizza from the delivery man, ate the pizza, and ate the cheesecake, too.  Uh, yeah.   Points-busters. I’ve been full of them today.  Not sure why, but tomorrow is a whole new day, right?  Probably because I cooked 2 healthy, low-fat meals for CK today and had no energy left to cook for us.  (She had back surgery a couple of weeks ago and is still not up to standing for long periods of time, and her husband can’t cook.  Bad combination.)  Oh, anyway, so the mention of Fort Jackson?  I figure it’s earned its keep.

I was home for a week and then had to go to Charleston, WV for work.  Since I don’t blog about work, I’ll just say it was a trip, and now I’m home.  Expect more of those sentences in the near future ….. unless I hit a really good restaurant when I’m out of town for work, and then I will totally talk about that.

So as an aside, I just totally changed the title of this blog post.  Why?  Because I asked TheKidlet to make me a glass of the Diet Pepsi that came with the pizza.  She said, “Why do you always get a Pepsi… Diet Pepsi…. when we get pizza?”  Really?  Kid, I’ve gotten soda with my pizza a whopping total of two times since we’ve lived in this house.  Two.  I gave her this information and said, “Sometimes, I just want a soda.”‘

This totally turned into a random post full of …. nothing in particular.  And I’m not even halfway through March!

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