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All of the chaos and whirlwind activity of the past couple of months have all been leading up to the reward: 4 glorious, kid-free days in Charleston, South Carolina. Just DaHubby and I.

I can’t tell you how needed this was.

We drove down, as leisurely as DaHubby is capable of, and checked into our hotel, Aloft Charleston. Aloft is like …. hotel by IKEA. Which is kind of interesting, but not a lifestyle, I’m thinking. It also, apparently, attracts some oddly different types of people – at least according to DaHubby, who braved the bar one evening for a beer. Overall, it wasn’t a bad place to stay.

The first night, we realized we had no plans at all for the next few days, and in typical pammie fashion, I suggested we go eat and figure out a course of action. A Yelp! search later and we ended up at a local Cajun restaurant that … was awesome. Surprisingly so.

The next morning we took a ferry to Fort Sumter, the site of the first shots fired in the civil war. Turns out that the site was eventually surrendered by the Union army, and the Confederate army allowed them the time to clear out, and take their flag and get safely away before taking possession of the fort. I was impressed by that story, I don’t know why.

Oh. DaHubby ran into someone he worked with in Maine as we were getting off of the return ferry. What are the odds of that?!?

We spent the afternoon browsing the Charleston town market, which was pretty amazing, then hit a local BBQ joint for dinner before falling out.

The next day we spent finding, and browsing the Charleston Navy Exchange. Funny the things we miss about being a part of the military life. Tax-free shopping!!! After that, we went on a tour of the USS Yorktown and the submarine that is onsite at Patriots Point. More on that later.

Dinner. Oh, my. The dinner. We went to a place not far from our 2nd hotel, the Embassy Suites Downtown, called Magnolia’s. Anytime you’re in Charleston, you should check this place out. It was so worth it. And I apparently can’t insert pictures from the iPad app, or I would show a picture of the shoes that I wore to dinner and subsequently walked a mile back to the hotel in. The ones with 3″ heels. Really?!? Yes, I am that dumb.

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