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I fall into …. not exactly obsession, but if I see something that I know I can do, and I like it enough, I will work at mimicking it.

Take for example, the Pioneer Woman blog. She has pretty pictures. She does cool things with photoshop. She offered up, for free, photoshop actions for download.


I have pictures!

I have photoshop!

Now, I have many many actions, some of which, frankly, are crap (not the ones from the aforementioned Pioneer Woman.  Hers are cool.  I googled to find others.)

But some, make my pictures pretty.

So in the spirit of sharing things (see, Cathy!!) I’ll even offer up some pictures from today. C has been in camp this summer; this week the specialty camp was Cheerleading, or Flag Football. (Regular camp is still offered on specialty weeks.) C opted for cheerleading, and today they had a flag football game, complete with cheerleaders.

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    Woo hoo!! Pictures! I love them! I can’t wait to see you guys today.

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