This blog is about me. I come here to rant and rave. These days I am ranting and raving about being a native Floridian, living in a small Maine town. It’s a scary place for those of us accustomed to sunshine and warmth.

This  blog is still about me.  I’m finally out of Maine, and thanking my lucky stars every day that I am.  We’re in North Carolina now, by choice – and I love it.  DaHubby, still taking time to get used to it, I think.

He’s retired from the military and while I didn’t think it would be a huge adjustment for me (since I didn’t really ever get involved in the whole military spouse scene), I’m realizing that it is.  I’m no longer “a Navy wife”.  Now…. I was a Navy wife.  It’s amazing how you don’t realize how much one thing is a part of your identity until it is no longer true.

So, we say – the blog is about me.  It’s about how we adjust to things, how I see the world, when my kid does something fantabulous, but not focused on the kid.  Or the cat.  Or DaHubby.  But about me.  There’s so few things in this world that are truly about me, and really – I’m fascinating!  Seriously!  (Stop laughing, come on, I’m fragile.)

Enjoy.  Subscribe.  Comment.  Let me know what you think.

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