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December 16th, 2008 | Author:

A phrase on a television show that I’m watching as I’m … enjoying…. a sick day catches my ear.  We tell our toddlers and young children (and in my case, occasionally my husband, self and TheKidlet) to use our words rather than our hands or whining or whatever non-verbal communication is taking place.

But sometimes there just aren’t words for things…..

Like the sight of my kitten crashed out on her back, arms above her head, snoring softly.

The way a serving of Ben & Jerry’s makes you feel better, no matter what ails you.

Having a dream about a technical problem and waking up to discover that it actually works.

That first sip out of a really good bottle of wine.

Watching your hubby come in from a day of work, when he hasn’t gone to the gym and so he’s still in his suit and tie and hot enough to melt glaciers.

Playing air hockey with your kidlet, hearing her exclaim “I HAVE MAD SKILLZ!!!” and watching her knock the puck into her own goal – and she still beats you, making you realize there is hope for future generations.

And then you’re all reflective and smiling and giddy and you’re writing about it and you look up and you’re totally distracted by an episode of Charmed, and you forget what you were all reflective about.

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