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May 11th, 2011 | Author:


Yep. Heading to NOLA again. And apparently so is a bunch of water.

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May 07th, 2009 | Author:

So yesterday I got my stuff together and left the house to go get the kidlet from school.  Just like I do every weekday.

I closed the door, and immediately realized I did not have my keys.

Doors locked.  Car locked. All windows locked.

I call DaHubby, because there was no option of not picking up The Kidlet … he calls the school and they agree to hold her until we can get there.  He has to leave work and go get her, then come let me back in the house.

I settle into the chair on the back patio and start Facebooking on the iPod.

Until I felt the first drop of rain on my arm.

I should mention that my house has no overhangs – nothing under which I could stand and wait out the rain.

I found a 6″x6″ square near the back windows that somehow stays mostly dry.  I huddled in the corner,  protecting the Coach and the iPod.    Both of them stayed dry.  I did not fare so well.

DaHubby and TheKidlet got home and let me back in, and I went back to work.  My co-workers, of course, found it hysterical that I had locked myself out of the house.  Shortly after work, I made certain that such a lockout would not happen again 🙂

Things at work are all jacked up – all I can say is that we were told to bend over, but offered some generic Vaseline to ease the pain.  And then the Vaseline was pulled away and instead a much larger dildo was aimed at our rear ends.   *Sigh*

Some days, it’s just not worth it to get out of bed.

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November 10th, 2008 | Author:

And because I’m lazy, the email I sent to DaHubby just a few minutes ago:

so in addition to my swelled up eye, by the time she was off the potty this morning, my lip was swelled up. 

I suspect the pillow at this point with it’s fancy “keep you cool” technology, but I also have 3 tilapia filets that she needs to eat for dinner cause I surely can’t, just in  case, and oh because the doctor told me not to.  You know, in case my face and throat swelled up.  Yeah. 

anyway, so I took her to school and dropped her off with one eye, but not before i popped 2 benadryl.  GOOD for my eye and lip.  BAD for work. Before I did anything else I did my timesheet and sucked up to my boss for not doing it before yesterday *again*. and then ….


My alarm went off, the hour I had allotted myself, and I went to get out of the bed and noticed that I was on the floor.  yes, I fell out of bed.  Good christ my knees hurt.

I got back into bed and gave myself another hour.

I have literally been sitting here staring at the computer, pushing keys every now and then, thinking that I am acting like smidgen thinking “how cool is that fucking mouse?” since 10:30 this morning. 

I am so zonked and zombie-like.  I will walk to pick her up from school.  LOL.

So it is entirely possible that I took too much benadryl given that it is hours and hours since I took that Benadryl and I am still zonked and out of it. 

But I don’t scare small children anymore when I leave the house 😀

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